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Over Pipe


    OVERPIPE is currently producing four ranges of products for the protection of buried facilities:

  • The HDPE OVERPIPE plates: which resist a 32 tons excavator shovel assault. The OVERPIPE plates received the award for innovation in security from the French Gas Association, as they offer an economic, reliable and environmental friendly alternative to concrete slabs. They are easy to install and to remove for further inspections or repair of the pipe. Hundreds Km has been installed since their appearance in 2009.

  • The OVERPIPE PET High Resistance mesh: it protects buried facilities (pipes, but also cables, optical fiber...) from 3rd party risks in less critical areas, and will stop a 18 tons shovel

  • The OVERPIPE PET High Elasticity mesh: it replaces the standard warning mesh, offering a sufficient resistance and elasticity to clearly inform the driver about the presence of a buried network.

  • The OVERPIPE "dallettes": used to cover technical gutters, as in transformer stations.

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