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Aqua Wrape


    PRT Aquawrap is our Pre-Preg, high strength composite system used to reinforce and repair piping and infrastructure components. In the PRT design process it is used to halt and encapsulate external corrosion and restore structural integrity to piping.

    PRT Aquawrap consists of a high strength fiberglass substrate that is factory impregnated with a Moisture Cured Urethane (MCU) resin system. Once activated by water, the chemical reaction cure takes about 30 minutes to be dry to the touch. Each of the rolls is supplied in a nitrogen filled, multi-layer Mylar bag and requires no mixing or resin preparation.

    PRT Aquawrap is available in a variety of widths from 2 to 12 inches and lengths up to 150 feet to accommodate any pipe size. It creates a permanent bond to a variety of materials such as metals, concrete, wood and plastics. When cured, it is impervious to fuels, most solvents and chemicals.

    PRT Aquawrap is the product of choice when installing in wet or underwater conditions. It can be applied and fully cured under water. It is best suited for structural reinforcement applications where it can be wrapped around an object, rather than flat surface repairs. It replaces hoop and axial strength to piping to restore its original capabilities. It is also effectively used to reinforce piers, pilings and infrastructure supports for concrete remediation projects.

    PRT Aquawrap contains no VOCs, is odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic, ships non-hazardous and is NSFcertified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use with potable water.

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